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Chief Financial Officer (CFO) from BusinessDictionary.com


Senior-most executive responsible for financial control and planning of a firm or project. He or she is in charge of all accounting functions including (1) credit control, (2) preparing budgets and financial statements, (3) coordinating financing and fund raising, (4) monitoring expenditure and liquidity, (5) managing investment and taxation issues, (6) reporting financial performance to the board, and (7) providing timely financial data to the CEO. Also called chief finance officer, comptroller, controller, or finance controller.”

We can provide all or some of the services of a CFO to your business. Whether you're just starting out or outgrowing your original business plan, we can help you. We understand entrepreneurs, having owned several successful businesses. Let us help you with your financial operations, so you can do what you do best.

 These are some of the services our clients have found helpful.

Let us find out what works for you and your business and let us help you towards your financial goals!

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