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  1. Chart of accounts creation: Setting up your original chart of accounts to ensure that it will provide a flexible, customized financial picture of your business. This will help you get the numbers to help your manager or business more effectively without you or your staff spending an excessive amount of time doing busy work.
  2. Quick books™ Tune-up -to make your QuickBooks documents more accurate and effective, or simply fixing what you have.
  3. Business plans - you want one to plan your growth, you need one, to obtain a loan, or you need one for your potential investors. We can help you create all of it, or just the financial sections.
  4. CFO – outsourced for your business. You may just be in between the ability to hire a full-time chief financial officer, and the need, the expertise on board to get to the next step. We can help you with as little or as much as you need without hiring a full-time employee.

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